Canada TatArtist Tattoo Furniture Warehouse Establishment

The hot weather in Canada makes everyone very hot and impetuous.
Let me tell you a hotter, hotter news.

TatArtist tattoo studio furniture brand. A shipping warehouse was established in Toronto, Canada. This means that Canadian TatArtist fans can purchase high-quality tattoo furniture.

The inventory list of the Toronto warehouse in Canada is as follows:
TA-TC-01 (5pcs)
TA-TC-04 (10pcs)
TA-AC-03 (10pcs)
TA-AR-10 (10pcs)
TA-FR-11 (10pcs)
TA-AR-19 (10 pcs)
9934 white (10 pcs)
9934 black (10pcs)

Do you want to have a tattoo guest chair that can rotate 360°? tatartist can help you become reality.
The base frame is designed with an exquisite and special structure, allowing the tattoo artist to rotate and move the direction of the tattoo chair with one hand. If you want to know how to rotate more clearly, you can click this link. This has a detailed analysis. 

About free shipping.
Free shipping in Ontario and Quebec.
The remaining provinces will charge an additional $50-100 courier fee.
If you have any questions, please contact the website customer service.


What kind of tattoo furniture products do you want? Tell me! I will stock up for you.

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