【Big Sale 】TA-TW-15 Tattoo Mobile 5-Wheel Tool Cart

TA-TW-15 Tattoo mobile five-wheel tool cart

When you are working in a busy tattoo environment, you will be very grateful for your purchase of a multifunctional mobile tattoo tool cart. Because it can act as your little assistant when you are busy.

  1. There are LED lights-to provide you with a brighter environment, the eyes are not easy to fatigue.
  2. There is an ipad stand-you can read the information on the phone at any time. When customers come to you, you will not miss important information.
  3. There are multiple trays-can hold ink, tattoo gun, paper towels, plastic wrap.

There is great power in a small body.
Packing size: 80(L)*68(W)*15(H)CM; 31(L)*26.7(W)*5.9(H) inches
When it works, it is like a dwarf giant, escorting your work.
To learn more about product parameters, please click this link TA-TW-15.

Celebrate Independence Day offer.
TA-TW-15 Tattoo Mobile Five-wheel Tool Cart Original price of US$299
Now save 50 dollars.
Surprise price! ! ! US$249.
The discount is automatically deducted at the time of payment.
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