Is it possible to get a painless tattoo?
"Why is there painless childbirth, painless minimally invasive surgery, but no painless tattoos?"
After all, "tattoo harm" is unquestionable and almost everyone knows it.
When I got a tattoo for the first time, I also had a kind of fear in my heart. What are the pain points of tattoos?

When tattooing, the needle will send the pigment under the epidermis, so that the color will not disappear due to epidermal friction or other reasons, and achieve the effect of permanent retention. If anyone says tattoos are piercings into the flesh, they must be wrong. In general, the average needle for a tattoo artist is 2-3mm.

Many clients ask the tattoo artist if I am afraid of pain, can I use anesthesia?
Most tattooists who receive such questions will reject you and tell you that any form of pain medication is not recommended. It can cause all kinds of negative effects, and it can also destroy the overall effect of the tattoo and affect the function of the skin.

So far, there have been various methods of pain relief. Here I summarize a few common ones, but these methods are "banned" by tattoo artists.

Drink wine
Alcohol numbs the brain and slows the brain's ability to receive pain messages.
At the same time, the alcohol that gets into the bloodstream can also make the skin less sensitive.
But alcohol raises body temperature, increases blood flow, and causes a lot of tissue fluid to leak out. Irritating the skin at the tattoo site can delay recovery and make it more likely to cause inflammation at the wound site.

Injecting drugs
Painkillers are broadly divided into three categories: injectables, orals, and topical.
Injectable anesthesia is widely used in various surgeries with perfect pain relief, but without a professional anesthesiologist, the risks are high. Oral painkillers can relieve pain symptoms, but the three poisons of the drug, the painless feeling for several hours is not worth it. Finally, local anesthetics are now used in many beauty salons. They take a while to work. They can last about half an hour to three hours, depending on the dose and effect. It reduces the elasticity of the skin. Congestion is more likely to occur after acupuncture, making the skin dark red, affecting the tattoo artist's judgment of color, and the most serious recovery effect is not ideal.
After the effect of the drug, the skin is in a state of redness and swelling, and more severe pain hits, which is not worth the gain.

Medications can make you feel so high without pain. Its side effects need no introduction. While causing irreversible damage to the body, it also sends people to gambling rehab centers.
Do not use medicines with or without tattoos.

Tattoos must have the same feel. Only when you have been hurt and suffered can you know how to cherish! Do you agree?

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