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 Adjustable Tattoo Client Chairs provide your clients with optimum comfort and adjustable seating.When clients relax, you can focus on what matters most: your creative vision

The hydraulic pump customer seat has full 360° swivel capability and various multi-angle backrest, arm and leg height adjustments. A stylish, focused and comfortable way to get tattoos and piercings.
TA-TC-01C and TA-TC-04 Pro


Prioritizing versatility, our tattoo artist chairs are adjustable in height, seat and leg angle to provide the artist with the best comfort possible so they can perform at their best over longer periods of time. Our furniture relieves the stress of prolonged tattoos with ergonomic design, comfortable cushioning and upholstery.

Our goal is to keep our tattoo artists comfortable and healthy for the long haul after a tiring job.

TA-AC-03 adn TA-AC-07

This is our largest tattoo armrest with the biggest soft pad for the biggest projects!

Full PU leather wrap for easy cleaning and barrier protection.

Your back is less tired - the angle and height of the pillow can be adjusted for you in seconds, and thanks to the sturdy steel frame, you can rest all your weight on the armrests.

MORE COMFORTABLE - The soft edge of the soft pad keeps your arms or hands from feeling particularly sore while working.
worth buying! TA-AM-19 and TA-AM-20 XL tattoo armrest
TA-AM-20 can be adjusted to different heights on both sides.

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