5 Tips for Tattoo Covering

5 Tips for Tattoo Covering

1. Get straight to the heart, what kind of new tattoo you want to use.
This is when you need to brainstorm. You are looking for new tattoo designs to cover up old tattoos. Don't worry about covering your small tattoo, there is still plenty of room to play. Just careful research and discussion between you and the tattoo artist will help determine the type of cover tattoo design and style.

2. A tattoo artist in your area
Once you know what you want to cover, it's time to research tattoo artists in your area. When looking for the right artist, you need to look at their work - both in style and experience. It's best to find a tattoo artist who is familiar with cover-up tattoos and is comfortable with the unique challenges they face.

3. Be ready to compromise
Arguably the most critical and necessary aspect of covering up a tattoo is compromise. When your artist repeatedly rejects your idea, nine times out of 10, it's because your tattoo vision is impossible. You need to work with the tattoo artist, maintain flexible expectations, trust the professional, and be as open-minded as possible.

4. Bigger is better
In order to completely cover your tattoo and be more effective, you will definitely need a larger tattoo than the original, no doubt about it.
You'll need extra space for new and old skins. How much area you need to get done depends on your current old tattoo and the style your tattoo artist is good at.

5. Different ways
While many people associate covering up with not being able to see old tattoos at all, there are actually a few different ways to restore tattoos. One of them, called "exploding tattoos," involves a darker design on an existing tattoo.

Explosion tattoos cover up the original pattern to some extent, but not all. Old tattoos exist like the background color of new tattoos…

Works like the one below are the quickest and easiest way to give your tattoo a whole new look.


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