3 Secret Tattoos Part You Don't Know About

Every summer, when I see cool tattoos on other people, I can't help but take a few more glances. Indeed, in the eyes of today's people, tattoos are no longer associated with bad things, but have become a label for hipsters to express their personality.

A special tattoo can add attention to your appearance. For girls, tattoos are the catalyst to be sexier. In addition to the more conventional hands and feet postures, there are many girls who will add a little fun to their #privateparts#.

Summarized a few trendy women's favorite tattoos #private part#, let's take a look at which part is the sexiest!

1. Under the chest
"Under the breast", as the name suggests, is the lower part of the breast. Officially known as a "sternum tattoo", it is a tattoo along the lower part of the breast, so it is also known as a "lower chest tattoo".

The essence of a lower chest tattoo is the curvature, and the junction between the lower chest and the tattoo is undoubtedly the most attractive part of the entire tattoo, so the mandala pattern is definitely the best choice for a lower chest tattoo.

For those of you who want a tattoo but are too conspicuous and conspicuous, the lower chest would be the ideal tattoo location. Pair it with this summer's hot Bralette bra and you'll definitely be the center of attention.

2. Ass
For many men, sometimes a nice ass is more attractive than breasts.

And the butt is wider than other places, and the picture is relatively flat, so you can create as you like.

Exercise the buttocks will be more suitable for tattoos!

3. The back of the thigh
Afraid that your tattoo won't be seen when you put on your pants? Butt tattoos are sexy too! Wearing a short skirt is looming, wearing hot pants, you must be a stunner that fascinates all men.

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