Why is Black Friday the perfect time to upgrade your tattoo chair?

Tatartist tattoo chair black friday sale

Black Friday Deals: Check Out What’s Coming Soon
Get ready for Black Friday madness. Check out this guide to all the best Black Friday deals from artist-favorite brands.

Best deals on tattoo beds

The crazy Black Friday is about to begin...you know what that means: great deals on all the most popular and best quality tattoo furniture like TA-TC-04 pro, TA-TC-07, TA-AM-19 , tattoo guest chairs and tattoo hand rests, etc. 2023 is coming to an end, and what better way to jump into 2024 than with upgraded gear (and shinier top drawers)? So, get your carts ready...and get hyped! You can find all of our upcoming Black Friday deals on this blog so you can get the best deals on everything on your wish list.



  • Canada Tattoo furniture

  • Tattoo guest chair
  • Tattoo master chair
  • Tattoo hand holder
  • Tattoo workstation



  • Italy, France, Germany, Czech Republic

Consider this your Black Friday shopping guide and grab all the best deals before the deals expire! So, check out the content below and get ready for 2024 with all the latest technology.


For those of you tattoo artists reading this, the Black Friday deals are on. Don't miss the biggest deals of the year. Come and see what the discount price is on the tattoo furniture you have been waiting for.

  • Time: 20th-26th November
  • Discount code: Black5
  • Available range: starting from $100
  • Applicable areas: United States, Canada, Mexico, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Germany

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