How to Save More on Black Friday at tattoo chair?

How to Save More on Black Friday at TATARTIST?

  • Save More with Discount Code:This Black Friday through Cyber Monday, TATARTIST customers can take advantage of lightning deals and promotional credit offers with the discount code: Black5. By purchasing with this code, customers will receive an instant discount of 5%.

  • Enjoy Stacking Discounts on Tattoo Set Products:TATARTIST's tattoo furniture set normally includes a 2% discount on the original price on weekdays. During the Black Friday event, from November 20th to November 26th, enjoy a combined 7% discount (2% + 5%) on tattoo set purchases at TATARTIST. This discount is very attractive, so please make your purchases as soon as possible.

  • Save on Shipping Costs:Enjoy free shipping within the continental United States. Customers in Canada and Mexico can also enjoy significant discounts. During the checkout process, simply fill in your address to instantly qualify for free shipping, if eligible.

  • Set Up Personalized Offer Notifications: Customers can subscribe to receive personalized offer alert notifications based on their recent TATARTIST requests and viewed items. There is no charge for these push notifications of offers.

  • Special Offer on TATARTIST Tattoo Furniture, TA-TC-04 Pro:The TA-TC-04 Pro, originally priced at $859, is now available at a Black Friday discount price of only $816.05. This equates to just $2.3 per day when used daily over the course of a year. For $2.3 a day, you can have a comfortable tattoo guest chair, making it a very worthwhile investment.
  • Limited Availability:The number of event products is limited, so tattoo artists in need are encouraged to place their orders as soon as possible to ensure a successful purchase.

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