Act Now: Your Favorite Tattoo Bed Is About to Be Snatched Up!

Your Favorite Tattoo Bed Is About to Be Snatched Up!

Because tattoo furniture is increasingly valued by tattoo artists, they are seizing the early months of 2024 to refresh and enhance their studios with pieces that resonate with their artistic ethos. This surge in demand has led to a noticeable depletion in the stock levels of specialized tattoo client chairs across North America, particularly in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. These chairs, known for their comfort, durability, and the ability to incorporate unique tattoo-inspired designs, are not just functional; they are a statement of a studio's commitment to artistry and client experience. As a result, suppliers are witnessing a rapid decrease in inventory, urging tattoo shop owners and artists to act swiftly to secure these essential pieces for their establishments. This trend underscores a broader movement within the tattoo community, where the aesthetic and atmosphere of a studio are as pivotal as the artistry applied to the skin.


Tattoo furniture is an innovative fusion of traditional furniture with the intricate art of tattoo design. This unique fusion transforms everyday furniture into captivating works of art, with the furniture acting as a canvas for tattoo-inspired artwork.

Why Tattoo Furniture Attracts Tattoo Artists:

  1. Artistic Expression: A tattoo artist makes a career out of transforming blank skin into living art. Tattoo furniture provides a new static canvas, allowing artists to apply their skills and creativity to different mediums. Their art form expanded into the realm of interior design, opening up new avenues for artistic expression and creativity.
  2. Techniques and Craftsmanship: The process of creating tattooed furniture often involves similar techniques to skin tattoos, such as precise lines, shading, and color blending. Tattoo artists can appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into transferring detailed designs onto furniture, recognizing the skill and dedication required to create such work.
  3. Cultural significance: For tattoo artists, art is not just aesthetic; It’s also about the story and meaning behind the design. Tattoo furniture can carry cultural, symbolic or personal meaning, just like body tattoos, providing a narrative element that resonates with tattoo artists accustomed to embedding meaning in their creations.
  4. INNOVATION & COLLABORATION: Tattoo Furniture represents an innovative convergence of industries, encouraging collaboration between tattoo artists, furniture designers and craftsmen. This collaboration not only produces unique works, but also fosters a community spirit among artists of different genres, promoting mutual inspiration and learning.


Electric Tattoo Client Bed Low Stock Model:

TA-TC-07 - only 4 PCS

Hydraulic Tattoo Client Bed Low Stock Model:

TA-TC-12 - only 2 PCS

TA-TC-22C - only  7 PCS

Tattoo Master chair Low Stock Model:

TA-AC-40: 6 PCS

Tattoo footrest Low Stock Model:

TA-FR-11: 9 PCS

Electric Tattoo Client Bed Low Stock Model:

TA-TC-07 - only 7 PCS

Hydraulic Tattoo Client Bed Low Stock Model:

TA-TC-11 - only 3 PCS

TA-TC-12 - only 4 PCS

TA-TC-22 - only 5 PCS

Tattoo footrest Low Stock Model:

TA-FR-11 - only 4 PCS

Electric Tattoo Client Bed Low Stock Model:

TA-TC-07 - only 3 PCS

Hydraulic Tattoo Client Bed Low Stock Model:

TA-TC-04 PRO - only 9 PCS

Tattoo workstation Low Stock Model:

TA-WS-03 - only 4 PCS

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