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As technology advances, robots are now encroaching on fields traditionally dominated by human creativity, including tattoo artistry. 

The automated tattoo machine is the result of a collaboration between famed tattoo artist Dillon Forte and tech startup Blackdot. While no specific date for Blackdot's founding was provided, the partnership highlights innovation in tattoo technology.

  • Brand: Blackdot, in collaboration with Dillon Forte.
  • Brand History: Known for integrating technology and art.
  • Function: Combine robotic precision with artistic design to create tattoos inspired by space exploration and science fiction.
  • Benefits: Provides unparalleled accuracy, consistency and efficiency, reducing the possibility of human error.
  • The selling point: The first-ever collaboration between a famous tattoo artist and a tech startup, blending elements of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and NASA space exploration.
  • Disadvantages: May lack detailed understanding of customer preferences and spontaneous creativity of human artists.
  • Rating: Represents a major technological advance in the tattoo industry, encouraging artists to adapt and evolve while sparking debate about the role of technology in art.

For tattoo artists, this development is both a challenge and an opportunity to explore new dimensions in their field, ensuring that art remains both personal and innovative.


To ensure tattoo artists can keep their work novel and irreplaceable despite the rise of tattoo robots, here are enriched strategies with specific methodologies:

1. Deep Client Consultation: Develop a process for in-depth client interviews to understand their stories, desires, and motivations deeply. Use this insight to create personalized tattoos that are meaningful and unique to each individual.

2. Enhance the Studio Experience: Create a welcoming studio atmosphere with comfortable seating, calming music, and personalized greetings. Offer aftercare packages and follow-up sessions to build a lasting relationship with clients.

3. Explore Mixed Media Techniques: Learn and incorporate techniques from other art forms, such as watercolor painting or calligraphy, into your tattoo designs. Attend workshops or collaborate with artists in these fields to bring fresh perspectives to your work.

4. Continuous Skill Development: Regularly attend tattoo conventions, participate in workshops, and view webinars to stay updated on new techniques and trends. Implementing the latest styles, such as 3D tattoos or optical illusions, can set your work apart.

5. Collaborative Projects: Partner with artists from other disciplines, such as digital artists or sculptors, to create multi-dimensional projects. For example, combine a tattoo with augmented reality elements to make interactive body art.

By focusing on these specific strategies, tattoo artists can maintain a competitive edge and keep their creations distinctive and personal, even as technology evolves.


2024 TATARTIST's Latest Hydraulic Tattoo Guest Chair

TATARTIST is proud to announce the release of the 2024 new tattoo client chair, our newest hydraulic tattoo guest chair designed for 2024. This chair is not only a leap forward in comfort but also in design and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Functionality: The new tattoo chair model features an upgraded backrest function, enhancing comfort and support during long tattoo sessions.
  • Price: Offered at an attractive price point that balances quality with affordability.
  • Design: Fashion-forward aesthetics paired with technologically sophisticated features, ensuring the chair not only feels good but looks great in any tattoo studio.
  • How to Purchase: To be among the first to know when the new tattoo chair is available for purchase, subscribe to TATARTIST's notifications. This ensures you receive up-to-date information on availability and any introductory offers.

As TATARTIST continues to blend tradition with innovation, the new tattoo chair is set to become a staple in studios looking to enhance their client's comfort without compromising on style or functionality. Join us as we sit comfortably at the intersection of art and innovation, and continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in tattoo studio furnishings.


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