TATARTIST Tattoo Furniture Black Friday Sale


Get ready, artists and tattoo enthusiasts! This Black Friday, TATAARTIST is bringing you unbeatable deals on all tattoo furniture essentials. Transform your studio with the best technology without breaking the bank. It’s time to upgrade your tattoo experience with quality, comfort, and style—all at an eye-popping price!

Event time: 2023.11.20-11.26
Event discount code: Black5
Event discount: 5% off
Event applies to: the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Italy, France, and Germany.

🔥 Don’t miss offers:

Electric Tattoo Client Chair: Revolutionize your studio with an upright lift design and customizable angles for comfort—and now for just $1,007 you can’t ignore it.
Hydraulic Tattoo Client Chair: Increase client comfort with our best-selling chair. Your customers deserve the best, and your budget is protected on Black Friday with only $817.
XL Heavy Duty Support Tattoo Armrest: Ensures stability and precision with every tattoo so your clients and you can have a comfortable experience. It is a must-have piece of furniture for tattoos that you will not regret buying. Now offering as impressive a discount as your art for $199.
Ergonomic Tattoo Artist Chair: Say goodbye to back pain with our artist chair designed for marathons. Black Friday makes comfort more affordable than ever at $262.

🎉Exclusive offers:

Bee Special: Be the lucky person willing to provide photos of your product to TATARTIST and receive an exclusive gift with your purchase (please contact customer service).

💡 Why is this Black Friday Tatarist?

Lasting Quality: Invest in furniture that will stand the test of time.
A marriage of design and functionality: Our products are tailor-made for the modern tattoo artist.
Superior Comfort: Make your studio the go-to place for artists and clients.
🛒 Get ready, go, shop!

Mark your calendars: these deals won't last forever!
Visit us online or in store and make this Black Friday unforgettable.
Act quickly, while supplies last! TATARTIST transforms your tattoo studio into a haven of art and comfort - where every day is an opportunity to create greatness. Don't let these deals slip away; make this Black Friday count!

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