TATARTIST'S WEIRD STORY NIGHT: Share the chill, get the thrills!

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TATARTIST'S WEIRD STORY NIGHT: Share the chill, get the thrills! 🎃👻

🎃 TATARTIST Halloween Horror Story Night is here! 🎃
Dive deep into the depths of your chilling memories and join us for a night filled with thrilling stories and bizarre encounters. Do you have a ghost story or spooky experience that gives you goosebumps? Share it with the TATARTIST community! Record a video of your memorable story and, at the end, whisper your special “Halloween wish” to us. Who knows, the Tatars might make it happen! Capture the essence of the weird tale and let the unforgettable story begin! Everyone who participates gets a shopping coupon, and the creepiest story might just be their Halloween wish coming true. So, take courage and let’s make this Halloween unforgettable. We encourage you to join in the fun! 🕷👻

1. Promotion details:

Event name: Night of Tatar Horror Stories
Date: 2023.10.26-11.10 
Theme: Ghost Stories, Scary Experiences and Halloween Wishes!


2. How to participate:

  1. Record your spooky stories: Dig deep into your creepiest memories and capture ghost stories or any spooky experiences on video. Make sure it sends shivers down your spine!
  2. SHARE YOUR HALLOWEEN WISH: At the end of your spooky story, share a "Halloween Wish" you'd like for TATARTIST to come true. Maybe it's a tattoo you've always wanted, a special piece of tattoo furniture, or just a Halloween surprise from us.

3.Guidelines for video production: 

  • Share your most unforgettable scary Halloween story
  • What kind of spiritual comfort do you want after going through a painful experience?
  • What do you hope TATARTIST can provide you with?

Posting requirements and tags: Upload the video to your favorite social media platform (Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook). Make sure the video is at least 15 seconds long. Use the hashtag #TATARTISTSpookyTales and tag @TATARTIST’s official account.

Get rewarded: Each participant who shares a scary story will receive a small discount on their next purchase. Plus, the most unforgettable stories have the chance to make their Halloween wishes come true!

4. After the event:

Winner Announced: The winner of the most memorable story is announced one week after the event. Showcase their videos and fulfilled wishes on TATARTIST’s social media platforms.

Thank You Note: Send a "thank you" email to all participants, perhaps including an exclusive Halloween 10% discount code to say thank you.


  • Event  2

🎃 TATARTIST's Halloween Product Showcase 🎃

Ready to give your Halloween a TATARTIST twist?

Capture photos or videos showcasing TATARTIST products amidst haunting Halloween elements. Whether it's a chilling tattoo session or our products amidst creepy décor, we want to see it!

Share your creations on Facebook, Instagram, or your preferred social channel and tag @tatartist using the hashtag #TATARTISTHalloweenShowcase. Every spine-tingling share will earn you a 5% discount on your next purchase. Dive into the Halloween spirit with us, and let your eerie creativity shine through! 🦇🎨


Event deadline 2023.11.10


 TATARTIST Official Media Account





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