TATARTIST TA-AM-20 XL Tattoo Armrest Installation Tutorial

Simple step-by-step guide to installing the TA-AM-20 XL Tattoo Hand Rest

XL Tattoo ArmRest

  • In tattooing, a stable hand rest is crucial for two main reasons:
1. Precision: A stable hand rest stabilizes the artist's hand, allowing for more precise needle movement. This is crucial for detail work and fine lines, reducing the chance of error.
2. Comfort: Provide comfort for artists and clients. For artists, it relieves stress on hands and wrists when working for long periods of time. For clients, a stable hand rest ensures tattoo consistency, resulting in a smoother, less painful experience.

  • The TA-AM-20 XL Tattoo Stand is a sophisticated device designed to enhance the tattooing experience with its adjustable features and ergonomic design:
1. Adjustable Height: Ranges from 68 to 108 cm (26.8-42.6 inches) to accommodate a variety of work heights and styles for flexibility and comfort.
2. Ergonomic cushion design: Cushion size is 32 x 70 cm (12.6-27.6 inches), providing ample support. It can tilt between 0-30° and rotate between 0-180°, ensuring optimal positioning for artist and client.
3. Sturdy Construction: The bottom frame measures 35 x 55 cm (13.8-21.7 inches), providing a stable and sturdy base, essential for precise tattoo work.
4. Versatility: The TA-AM-20 XL is designed for multi-purpose use and can accommodate other accessories such as iPad holders, paper towel holders, ink holders, and more.
5. High-Quality Material: Made of thickened metal tube, durable and with high load-bearing capacity, covered with high-elastic sponge for improved comfort, waterproof PVC leather for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Part 1: Unboxing and Installation Preparation
  •  List of instructions: armrest base, cushions, accessories (brackets) and assembly tools.
  • It is recommended to install handrails in a well-lit and easily accessible location.
XL Tattoo ArmRest

Part 2: Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions
  • - Step 1: Assemble the base
  • Guidelines for assembling the 35 x 55 cm base frame, ensuring it is level and stable.
  • - Step 2: Install the Mat
  • Instructions for securely mounting the 32 x 70 cm cushion, adjusting the height between 68-108 cm.
  • - Step 3: Assemble base and pad, adjust tilt and swivel
  • Fine-tune the pad's tilt (0-30°) and rotation (0-180°) to find the best position for your tattoo work.

XL Tattoo ArmRest

Part 3: Safety and Maintenance Tips
  • - Safety measures to prevent shaking or instability.
  • - Cleaning recommendations for PVC leather and metal parts to ensure longevity.
  • - Perform regular maintenance for optimal performance.
XL Tattoo ArmRest

Part 4: Maximizing Comfort and Efficiency
  • - Ergonomic tips for adjusting the XL hand rest to suit various tattoo sessions.
  • - Advice on adjusting armrests for artist and client comfort.


Adjusting the armrests for optimal comfort for artist and client requires consideration of several factors:

1. Height adjustment: Align the armrest with the tattoo area. It should be at a level where the artist can work comfortably without excessive bending or stretching.
2. Mat Angle: Adjust the inclination angle of the mat to suit the position of the customer’s arms or legs. This ensures that the client's limb is relaxed and stable.
3. Access rotation: Use the 0-180° rotation function to position the client's limb, allowing the artist to easily enter the tattoo area without straining.
4. Adjust frequently: Regularly adjust the armrests to different angles or heights during long work sessions to prevent discomfort or stiffness for both artists and clients.
5. Stability Check: Always make sure the armrest is stable after each adjustment to avoid any movement that may affect accuracy.
XL Tattoo ArmRest

In summary:
  • - The importance of proper installation for a seamless tattoo experience.
Proper mounting of tattoo equipment, such as the TA-AM-20 XL Tattoo Stand, is critical to a seamless tattoo experience. It ensures precision in artwork, improves client comfort, and relieves stress on the artist's body by providing stable support. Properly set up ergonomic features such as adjustable height and cushion angle further tailor the experience to individual needs, creating an environment conducive to artistic excellence and customer satisfaction. Therefore, investing the time in proper installation is crucial to the overall success and professionalism of your tattoo process.
  • - Readers are welcome to share your setting experience or ask questions, and we can communicate and learn together.

This comprehensive guide should help users easily set up the TA-AM-20 XL Tattoo Stand, ensuring a comfortable and efficient tattooing environment.


XL Tattoo ArmRest

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