Why is the TA-TC-04 PRO tattoo bed always out of stock?

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I. Introduction of Tatartist and the TA-TC-04 PRO Tattoo Client Bed

A. Tatartist Background and Mission

Tatartist is a company that specializes in designing, manufacturing, and selling high-quality tattoo furniture. As a professional tattoo furniture brand, Tatartist is committed to providing the most reliable furniture and environment for tattoo artists to create their best work.

B. Features and Advantages of the TA-TC-04 PRO Tattoo Bed

The TA-TC-04 PRO is Tatartist's most popular product, featuring seven functions and advantages:

  1. Convenient Hydraulic Operation: The large hydraulic pump of this tattoo bed is easy to operate without the need for external power or air supply, making it convenient to use anytime, anywhere. The hydraulic design ensures smooth lifting with no noise or vibration, creating a quiet, stable, and comfortable tattooing experience.

  2. Adjustable Backrest: The ergonomic design of the backrest can be adjusted to a comfortable angle for customers, providing a better user experience. The adjustment range is wide, allowing customers to choose a comfortable angle based on their physical needs.

  3. Adjustable Legs: The legs of the TA-TC-04 PRO tattoo bed can also be adjusted to provide more comfortable support for the lower body of the customer. Adjusting the legs evenly distributes body weight and reduces the pressure from standing or sitting for a long time.

  4. Height Adjustable: The height of the TA-TC-04 PRO tattoo bed can be adjusted to accommodate customers of different heights, making it easier for tattoo artists to complete the operation.

  5. Removable Armrest: The armrest can be easily removed when the client needs to lie down for a tattoo, avoiding interference. In a sitting position, the armrest provides good support for the client's arm.

  6. Comfortable Leather: The seat cushion and backrest are made of high-quality leather materials with a good texture and feel, providing customers with a more comfortable tattooing experience.

  7. High Resilience Sponge: The cushion and backrest are made of high resilience sponge, offering good elasticity and support for customers during the tattooing process.

tattoo client chair furniture

II. TA-TC-04 PRO Tattoo Bed Hot Sales and Sold Out Notice

A. Sales of the TA-TC-04 PRO Tattoo Bed

Since its launch, the TA-TC-04 PRO tattoo bed has been favored by tattoo artists due to its advanced design and high-quality manufacturing. Its monthly sales have consistently reached 100 sets.

B. Response to Sold Out Notices

Due to high sales, many tattoo artists were disappointed when the sold out notice was released. Several customers expressed their frustration on social media, stating they were struggling to find a tattoo bed as good as the TA-TC-04 PRO.

III. Reasons for the Hot Sales of the TA-TC-04 PRO Tattoo Bed Furniture

A. Design and Performance Advantages

The advanced design and high-quality manufacturing of the TA-TC-04 PRO tattoo bed meet the needs of tattoo artists. Its excellent performance, comfort, and safety make it a popular choice among tattoo artists.


B. Comparison with Other Products

Compared to similar products, the TA-TC-04 PRO tattoo bed has superior design and performance. Its stability and load-bearing capacity are unmatched, and the large hydraulic pump is multi-functional and fully adjustable, meeting the needs of different tattoo artists. Other products may only offer limited adjustment functions, which cannot satisfy various needs. Additionally, the high-resilience sponge and comfortable leather material provide better comfort and a superior user experience. These advantages make the TA-TC-04 PRO tattoo bed  furniture highly respected in the tattoo industry.

tattoo client chair furniture

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