What should I wear when getting tattoos on different parts?

How to create a sense of comfort and security when getting a tattoo?
It is important to dress in a way that keeps you safe.
I remember when I got my first tattoo,
This is due to the inconvenience caused by wearing inappropriate clothing.
So this article provides you with some guidelines for dressing when getting tattoos on different parts!

neck tattoo
Before the tattoo is done, you will lie on your back or side with the tattoo artist's face very close to yours.
So be sure to wear something comfortable. Low neck is the best, low neck is not low cut!

It is recommended to wear dark clothing to avoid getting the tattoo ink.

shoulder tattoo
Clothes and vests that are loose at the shoulders and can be pulled down are the safest. Especially vests and tube tops that don't get in the way of the straps. This way your tattoo artist can easily do their job.

chest tattoo
A big V-neck is a great companion for a chest tattoo, and it's a good idea to wear some old clothes that you don't mind getting inked. If you have to undress because of the size of the tattoo, your tattoo artist should make sure to put nipple stickers and tape on you. If the tattoo artist makes you uncomfortable in the process, feel free to speak up!

back tattoo
Wear a comfy shirt with buttons and turn it upside down so your arms are in the sleeves but the back is open.


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