Top 5 Careers With Favorite Tattoos

Now tattoos are becoming more and more popular, and more and more people have tattoos around them. Today, I combined my own observations and the stories of people around me to summarize the following people who love tattoos the most. The last occupation is unexpected for you!

The first is definitely the tattoo artist.
According to my observation, 99% of tattoo artists have tattoos on their bodies. Of course, "new tattooists may not have many tattoos on their bodies, but they will definitely fall in love with tattoos after entering the industry for a long time. On the one hand, it is closely related to their own career. Clients set the example: "I have tattoos all over my body, you have at least one, right? "

Like photographers, illustrators, designers, etc., most of these occupations have no tattoo requirements, unlike civil servants, tattoos are not allowed. And this group of people advocate freedom and like uninhibited and individual things, so tattoos are a good opportunity to shape their personality. Like a female designer friend by my side who has a full back! Also, as far as I know, the tattoos of this group are all designed by themselves.

Celebrities in the entertainment industry are also frequent visitors to tattoos, such as the famous Justin Bieber, Beckham, Quan Zhilong, etc., especially some rappers. People without big arms are embarrassed to say hello. Celebrities and singers also need some unique logos to differentiate themselves from others. Choosing a tattoo with features and memory points is the choice of many celebrities.

Fitness trainers are also frequent visitors to tattoo parlors. The 2 trainers who took me to the gym before had tattoos on them. Later I asked them why they got tattoos: "Because muscles and tattoos are the perfect combination in the world!" Imagine a fierce lion tattooed on your huge biceps. Does this visual impact make you excited?

The last vocational nurse on the list. You didn't expect it, did you?
Several nurse friends around me have tattoos, and I asked them why: "It's nothing, I just like it." I think it may be because every angel in white has a very tiring job, and tattoos are a way to relieve stress . This is really good!

The above is my summary of the top 5 careers that love tattoos the most. Is there a profession for you?


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