The last tattoo chair in the Canadian warehouse
The last tattoo chair in a Canadian warehouse
When sold out, we will have to wait for new stocks to be restocked in October.

The Canadian warehouse has sold 50 TA-TC-04 and 60 TA-TC-01 through different channels.
Now there is only the last one left in the inventory. If you follow our website for a long time, please don't miss it.

TA-TC-01 Hydraulic Tattoo Guest Chair
  • Feature:
1. One piece of Canadian QC, ON, PE, NB, NS free shipping
2. High-quality products, smooth metal, no burrs.
3. The leather is durable and comfortable. 4-layer high rebound sponge, very comfortable.
4. Multi-angle and omni-directional adjustment can be adjusted at will, simple and effortless.
5. Removable and adjustable armrests. Flexible and not conservative. It fits well with the tattoo artist's bold, innovative and avant-garde concept.

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