The first man in the world to have his eyeball tattooed

2008-2-29 In order to become the first man in the world to have his eyeball tattooed, Pauly Angsdopp from Toronto, Canada was stabbed 40 times with a needle, and finally dyed his eyeball blue. ! The special blue ink was mixed with antibiotic eye drops to prevent Bowley's eyes from becoming infected after the "tattoo".

Bowley has perfect eyesight, and he's apparently betting on his vision with an "eyeball tattoo." Bowley said he believed in the level of tattoo experts, but he still urged people not to copy or "tattoo" eyeballs in private at home.

This eyeball tattoo procedure is very professional. It is performed by specialists who understand all possible risks and complications. Bowley bravely underwent this "eyeball tattoo" surgery, risking blindness.

As early as 1991, an Australian ophthalmologist performed an "eyeball tattoo" operation on an 11-year-old blind girl, helping the blind girl obtain a false iris and a false iris in her right eye and white eye. pupil.

Eyeball tattoos actually turn the whites of the eyes into the desired color. In fact, it cannot be called a tattoo. I think it's more accurate to call it "dyeing".



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