Mysterious Totem Tattoo Sharing
Mysterious Totem Tattoo Sharing
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  • Totem is the vehicle for recording the soul of God.It is the belief of ancient primitive tribes to certain natural or blood-related relatives, ancestors, protection gods, etc., and is used as a sign or symbol of a clan. Totems account for a large proportion of tattoo designs. After the design and processing of the tattoo artist, the beauty of the totem is endless.
  • Totem tattoos are an abstract form of expression, mostly depicted in pure colors. These colors may be tough, magnificent and soft.


  • Regarding totem tattoos, it is indeed much simpler than patterns with too many colors, and it is also the main content of the initial practice of many tattoo novices. Totem tattoos pay more attention to the overall sense, the color is uniform, there are no burrs on the edges, and the effect is not too bad. But getting a totem tattoo and completing every detail is not so easy. It will be difficult to do within a year and a half. It is necessary to control the loss of skin, control the depth of the thorns, control the halo, etc. The problems we have to face. The finished work at that time looked good, but after the restoration, the color faded in a large area and grew severely. Many of these are caused by the failure of tattoo techniques.

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