Tattoo Recliner Chair TA-TC-04 Pro FromTATARTIST

The almighty Tatartist chair is the favorite tattoo chair for tattoo artists all over the world.

Popular reasons:
1.TA-TC-04 Pro Tatartist Chair is an adjustable tattoo reclining chair.
Not only tattoos and piercings, but also salon needs such as facial massage, makeup waxing, and eyebrow tattooing.
2. Suitable for personal and business use.
3. High quality leather and sturdy hardware chassis. Very comfortable and stable. The bed was thick and soft and the skin felt super soft and comfortable. Let you have the feeling of lying on the leather sofa. The leather is specially tailored to resist breakage and tearing from multiple rubs.
4. Hydraulic tattoo chair, safe and cost-effective, don't worry about environmental restrictions. Height and angle can be adjusted at any time.
5. The backrest and footrest can be adjusted to different angles to suit people of different heights and weights.
6. The black tattoo chair has casters for easy movement. Tatartist chairs can be sold in sets. Buy the Tatartist Chair Set for a better price! It is the best choice for mass tattoo artists.


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