Tattoo Furniture & TATARTIST COMBO

We provide a full set of tattoo furniture.

The chairs for the tattoo clients are very comfortable and the experience is very good. The tattoo mobile workstation has a lot of storage space and is of high quality. Create a comfortable tattoo working environment and choose different storage schemes according to your preferences.

Use environmentally friendly boards and hardware materials. The color is mainly black, and tattoo artists who like to express their individuality are welcome to leave us a message to customize different colors and patterns. Every piece of tattoo furniture is made with heart, and high-quality materials are processed by high-tech.

Tattoo furniture seems simple, but TATARTIST has been digging deep into the necessary tattoo auxiliary furniture for tattoo artists. You can still keep working without the Tattoo Guest Chair and Tattoo XL Armrest from TATARTIST. But you lack a good furniture to protect your cervical spine and lumbar spine, which is your body's loss. So pay attention to the tattoo furniture of TATARTIST and give you a healthy tattoo working environment.

Tattoo client chair TA-TC-04 pro | TA-TC-07
Tattoo XL Hand Rest, Foot Rest TA-AM-19 | TA-AM-20
Tattoo mobile workbench TA-WS-03 (with ipad holder, LED light, external stainless steel tray)
Tattoo artist chair TA-AC-03 | TA-AC-05 | TA-AC-07

It is more cost-effective to buy a tattoo combination, you can click to enter this photo to buy.
If the set you want to buy is not on the shelves, you can contact the background customer service, and we will give you a new purchase link. Of course we will give you a preferential price!
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