How can a tattoo artist earn a million dollars 1 year?

As a tattoo artist, the most important thing in the entry stage is the foundation, and the most important foundation is the principle of tattooing.

When it comes to the principle, of course we must start with the purpose: the purpose of tattooing is to inject ink, which translates to injecting ink into the surface of the skin so that it stays in the human skin, thus forming a so-called tattoo.

There are only three cores of tattoos, namely ink, skin and needles.

Ink is what we commonly call pigment. Its function is mainly for display. For this demonstration, we need to understand two types of questions: one is qualitative and the other is quantitative.

Qualitative questions such as: What is a colorant? What are its ingredients? What are its different types? How did it come about? How to judge whether these things are good or not?

Quantitative questions such as: What is the final effect of different ink ratios? What is the final effect of the combination of different inks? What is the ratio of pure ink and light ink?

The above questions are just some examples, there will be various other detailed questions. You can do your own research, so I won’t list them all here. After this series of questions are clarified, it will be of great help to the subsequent selection, collocation, mixing, design, coverage and other aspects.

In tattooing, the main function of the skin is to carry the ink. The most important knowledge here is the function and structure of the skin, followed by the differences of the skin.

Needless to say more about the function and structure of the skin here? Information is everywhere, you can check it yourself.

There are many differences in skin, such as skin differences in different parts of the same person (mainly reflected in thickness), such as skin differences in different states (normal state, sick state, cycle state, etc.) of the same person, such as different skin conditions of different people (race, tanning, regular sun exposure vs infrequent sun exposure, etc.) etc.

The second set of relationships is the relationship between the needle and the ink. What needs to be understood here is the difference between inks: what is the difference between the same ink and different needles? What is the difference between the same needle and different inks (including shades, etc.)? What's the difference between different needles and different inks?

If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to TATARTIST and we will talk about it later.

The relationship between skin and ink is mainly the reaction of skin to ink. According to the previous understanding of ink and skin, it can be divided into benign reactions and adverse reactions.

Adverse reactions are mainly caused by the incompatibility of ink components with the human body, including rejection reactions, mutations, allergies, etc.

After mastering this part of knowledge, it will help us save a lot of time and avoid unnecessary troubles in the process of design, model selection and production.
After the above problems are clarified, it will be easier to understand the overall problem together. The main purpose of overall understanding is to find the most suitable way to achieve the purpose of entering ink.

For example: what kind of needle is used with what kind of pigment, and what kind of skin is most effective? What's the best way to achieve this effect? If you can't achieve this effect because of some problems, what is the next best thing? How to solve some unexpected problems?

In addition, there is another very important question that needs to be clarified: what is the limit of ink entry? For example, the load limit and puncture limit of the skin, the exposure limit of ink on the skin (thickest and lightest), the ink load limit of the needle (how much, how little), such as the frequency limit of needle penetration into the skin (too much skin will broken) etc.

If you understand the above questions clearly, then your understanding of tattoos is absolutely top-notch. If some places are not clear, I suggest that you go to make up lessons as soon as possible!

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