TATARTIST XL hand rest summer discount

Upgrade your tattoo tools: TATARTIST XL hand rest summer discount

Dear tattoo artists, summer is here, is your tattoo shop ready to welcome more customers? In order to make you work more efficiently and comfortably during this peak season, we have specially launched a super value discount for the TATARTIST brand XL tattoo hand rest! This event not only allows you to get top products at a preferential price, but also enjoy the special benefits of buy one get one free. The summer vacation special offer is a rare opportunity, don't miss it!

Super value discount product: TATARTIST XL tattoo hand rest


  • 1. TA-AM-19 -  $169

Function: This hand rest is equipped with an extra-large cushion for excellent comfort. The cushion can rotate 360°, which is convenient for you to create tattoos from various angles. The height can also be freely adjusted to meet different work needs.
Advantages: Whether it is a delicate small pattern or a large area of ​​tattoo design, TA-AM-19 can provide stable and comfortable support, making your work process smoother and more efficient.

  • 2. TA-AM-20 - $189

Function: In addition to the extra-large 360° rotating cushion and adjustable height function, TA-AM-20 also adds a height tilt adjustment function. This additional function makes the hand rest more flexible and can meet your work needs at different angles.
Advantages: The tilt adjustment function of TA-AM-20 allows you to adjust the position of the hand rest more easily, reduce fatigue caused by long-term work, and greatly improve work efficiency.

  • 3. TA-AM-21 - $209

Function: TA-AM-21 is equipped with an extra-large cushion, 360° rotation function, height and tilt adjustment function. Unlike the other two models, TA-AM-21 uses a gas rod adjustment system, which is easier and smoother to operate.
Advantages: The gas rod adjustment system not only makes the adjustment of height and angle more labor-saving and precise, but also improves the comfort and convenience during work, making your tattoo creation more handy.

Buy One Get One Free Summer Special

During the summer, we have prepared a special buy one get one free offer for you: buy any TATARTIST XL tattoo armrest and get a towel bar rack for free!

Benefits of Paper Towel Roll Wall Mount:


  1. Versatile storage: This rack can not only hold towels, but also hang other small tools, making your work space more neat and organized.
  2. Increase efficiency: All tools and towels are within easy reach, reducing the time spent searching for tools and allowing you to focus on tattoo creation.
  3. Enhance professional image: A neat and orderly work environment not only improves your work efficiency, but also leaves a professional impression on your clients and improves customer satisfaction.

Why is it necessary to upgrade your tattoo furniture equipment during the summer?
The summer vacation is one of the busiest times of the year, and many clients choose to get tattoos at this time to commemorate their summer adventures and vacations. By upgrading your tattoo furniture equipment, you can ensure that you can provide the best service during peak periods. This will not only improve the comfort and satisfaction of your customers, but also improve your work efficiency and make you stand out in a competitive market.

Act now to enjoy a limited time offer
This summer discount is only available for two months, don't miss it! Upgrade your tattoo tools now to make your work more efficient and comfortable. Visit our website or contact our sales team for more details and place an order. Take action now to give your tattoo shop a new look this summer and welcome more customers!

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Let TATARTIST XL tattoo armrest be the best assistant for your tattoo creation, and enjoy every tattoo creation this summer!


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