TatArtist Tattoo Supplies Summer Sale is only $463

Why choose TATARTIST tattoo supplies?

Due to summer specials, the package includes:
1. Tattoo removable and adjustable tattoo tool cart
2. New XL tattoo hand rest.
3. The point is that there is also a set of tattoo guns. Among them, there are as many as 6 tattoo products.
This 3-piece set is only $463.
And it's free shipping in the US.

This tattoo gun is suitable for novice tattoo artists and is easy to operate.
Fully equipped, one set can meet your basic needs.
If you are an experienced tattoo artist, you can go to the TAARTIST homepage to browse the tattoo gun sets you need.
We also have a wide range of products in our store, there must be tattoo furniture and consumables for you.

TATARTIST Summer Sale Tattoo Supplies Set
Includes this very popular XL tattoo stand.
Why is it so popular?
1. Because it bears a lot of weight, it is suitable for people with strong body.
2. Larger support area, XXL size.
3. The angle of the support pad is adjustable, 0-180°.
Very friendly to tattoo artists.
And it is very simple to install and operate.

TATARTIST Summer Sale Tattoo Supplies Set
New tattoo mobile adjustable tool cart
Why should I recommend it to you?
1. Because it comes with a trash can and storage rack, you can put tattoo gloves and tissue boxes.
2. Height can be adjusted, with mobile function.
3. The price is beautiful.

Three-piece combo for just $463
Besides TAARTIST, I really don't know where to find tattoo furniture products of such good quality and such a beautiful price. Trust me, TATARTIST won't let you down.


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