TATARTIST Tattoo client chair NEW ARRIVAL

Tattoo artist's favorite tattoo chair bed

tattoo chair bed

There are many new hydraulic tattoo beds in TATARTIST in 2023, please look forward to them. Of course, our tattoo artist chair is also very popular among tattoo artists, and we will explain it to you in detail later. Remember to follow us.

Features of the backrest:

  • Multi-functional and versatile adjustment: The backrest angle can be freely adjusted, providing comfortable support and suitable posture.
  • Convenient and effortless: The backrest position can be easily adjusted without requiring excessive strength or complicated operations, offering convenience and comfort.
  • Rust-resistant: It is made of rust-resistant materials, ensuring durability and maintaining its functional and aesthetic properties over the long term.
  • Sturdy alloy construction: The backrest is constructed with a robust alloy material capable of withstanding heavy weight and pressure, ensuring safety and stability.

Features of the hydraulic pump:

  • Sturdiness: It is robust and reliable, capable of withstanding prolonged and high-intensity operations, making it suitable for tattoo studio environments.
  • Durability: It has a long lifespan and durability, enduring repeated adjustments and frequent use while maintaining stable and reliable performance.
  • Smooth sliding: It offers excellent sliding performance, ensuring a smooth lifting process and effortless height adjustment, providing a comfortable and precise experience.
  • Strong weight-bearing capacity: It possesses a powerful weight-bearing capacity, providing stable support for heavy loads and pressure, ensuring reliability and stability.

tattoo chair bed

Features of the tattoo chair for client sponge:

  • High rebound sponge: The chair utilizes a high rebound sponge that quickly restores its original shape, offering clients a stable and soft sitting experience.
  • Strong resilience: The sponge exhibits remarkable resilience, maintaining its shape for extended periods without deformation or sagging, providing clients with long-lasting support and comfort.
  • Excellent heat dissipation: The sponge material has excellent heat dissipation properties, effectively dissipating body heat and keeping clients cool and comfortable during the tattooing process.
  • High breathability: The sponge has good breathability, promoting air circulation to prevent heat build-up and moisture, keeping clients' skin dry and well-ventilated.

Powerful advantages of the multi-functional adjustable chair bed:

  • Sturdy frame: The chair has a stable and reliable frame that does not wobble. It offers a height adjustment range of 23.22" to 28.74" and allows for easy lifting and adjustment while seated.
  • 360-degree rotation: The chair can rotate a full 360 degrees, providing greater flexibility and convenience, allowing for easy maneuverability and access.

tattoo chair bed

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