TATARTIST Tattoo Client Chair Hot Sale

Prioritize versatility when shopping for a practical and dependable tattoo client chair, your tattoo client chair is adjustable in height, seat and leg angle to give the artist the best access to do their best work.


  • TA-TC-04 Pro Electrically driven chair, tattoo artists, piercing,, comfortable electric driven chair.

(Buy a chair separately and get a free tattoo gun set)


  • TA-TG-01 A starter tattoo kit includes all tattoo supplies: tattoo machines, tattoo needles, power supply, foot pedal, ,etc.
  • TA-WS-17 Tattoo WorkStation, Portable Adjustable Large Tattoo Tray Rolling Mobile Work Station Stand Desk Table.


(Tattoo furniture + tattoo pen set, save worry, provide you with the best match)



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