TATARTIST Pre-sale Launch: Tattoo Essentials

Hydraulic Tattoo Client Chair

Hydraulic Tattoo Bed

Exclusive Pre-Sale! TA-TC-11 and TA-TC-12: The New Revolution in Tattoo Beds!

  • TA-TC-11 Hydraulic Tattoo Bed: Perfect Leg-Style Design for Ultimate Comfort.
Experience unparalleled leg support with its unique leg-style design, alleviating discomfort caused by long hours of sitting or lying down. Adjustable backrest, height, and leg position to cater to different tattooing needs, allowing tattoo artists to work with focus and convenience. Reinforced structure and premium materials ensure stability and durability, providing your clients with a comfortable tattooing experience.
Hydraulic Tattoo Bed
  • TA-TC-12 Tattoo Bed: Full Range Adjustability for Customized Comfort.
Adjustable backrest, height, and leg position to provide personalized comfort for your clients, creating the perfect working angle and posture. Carefully designed details and high-quality materials add luxury and professionalism to your tattoo studio. Sturdy and durable construction ensures long-lasting use, providing excellent support and comfort for your clients. This is the tattoo bed you've been dreaming of!
Emphasizing ergonomic design to create the best working environment and client experience. Flexible adjustment features allow you to customize the bed's position and height according to your preferences. Crafted with high-quality manufacturing processes, ensuring your investment is valuable and long-lasting. Book your pre-sale now and be the first to experience the unique charm of these tattoo beds!
Hydraulic Tattoo Bed

Surprise Bonus! Pre-Sale Gifts: Tattoo Footrest and Tattoo Machine!

The pre-sale of TA-TC-11 and TA-TC-12 is in full swing! As a token of our appreciation for your support, we are offering two fantastic gifts to customers who pre-order these tattoo beds:

  1. Tattoo Footrest: Enhance your tattooing experience! This specially designed footrest provides additional support for your legs, reducing fatigue during long working hours. Its comfortable design and high-quality materials will improve your work efficiency and overall experience.
  2. Tattoo Machine: The perfect companion! We will also gift you a high-quality tattoo machine, giving you more options and flexibility when using the new tattoo beds. This tattoo machine boasts exceptional performance and stable operation, becoming your reliable assistant.

Act fast to secure your pre-order and receive these two precious gifts! Limited quantities are available on a first-come, first-served basis! Not only will you experience the outstanding features and comfort of the new tattoo beds, but you will also receive extra professional tools that add even more value to your tattoo studio.

Pre-order TA-TC-11 and TA-TC-12 now and embark on a new era of tattoo beds with us!


Hydraulic Tattoo Bed


  • As the president of TATARTIST, a retail tattoo furniture brand based in the United States, I am honored to introduce our brand, which allows every tattoo artist to directly source from manufacturers. Our slogan says it all: "Local Tattoo Furniture Manufacturer Right by Your Side."


  • TATARTIST is a professional retail brand specializing in tattoo furniture, with years of experience and a wide market reach. We understand the needs and challenges faced by tattoo artists, which is why we are committed to providing you with a convenient and high-quality shopping experience. As a proud local brand, we collaborate directly with tattoo furniture manufacturers to ensure product quality, design, and reliability.


  • As a tattoo artist, you understand the importance of direct collaboration with manufacturers. It not only means faster delivery times and better after-sales service but also allows you to access high-quality products at competitive prices. By partnering with TATARTIST, you can personally select and customize your tattoo furniture, ensuring it aligns with your studio's style and requirements.


  • Our brand philosophy of "Local Tattoo Furniture Manufacturer Right by Your Side" is not only a positioning statement but also a commitment to you. Our team is always in close contact with you, listening to your needs and feedback, and continuously
  • Hydraulic Tattoo Bed

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