Which part of the body has the least tattoos?

Many people get tattoos on hands, head, neck, back, legs, waist. But there are really very few people tattooed in this position. It may be because tattooing in this area will be particularly painful, so few tattoo enthusiasts will challenge it.

In fact, tattoos in this area are more feminine. Now TATARTIST tattoo furniture fashion blogger will tell you that ear tattoos can really highlight the temperament. Please enjoy ear tattoo designs prepared for you by TATARTIST masters.

Which part of the body is suitable for super small tattoos? Some people think it's a finger, some people think it's a collarbone, and some people say that it can be anywhere, as long as the tattoo artist's skills are in place and the customer's own needs, any part can carry mini tattoos.

There is one body part you might overlook that is perfect for a mini tattoo, and that is our ears. It is no exaggeration to say that the entire pinna is an excellent soil for super mini tattoos to grow and nourish.

Imagine, when the colorful little colors flicker indulgently in the ears, it seems that there will really be a bunch of light, flickering, flashing into people's eyes, illuminating the sometimes dim and sometimes boring life.


When a flower blooms on the auricle, it seems to return to childhood in an instant, and the whole body is haunted by layers of innocence and simple happiness, inadvertently looking at it, full of joy.

We are often stunned by behemoths, or our eyes are fixed. It may be as amazing as "giant phobia", and then naturally I am deeply attracted, so it is easy to be seduced by full flower arms, cool full flower legs, or big brother's temperament flower back. attracted attention.

Those delicate and vivid tattoo designs pierce into the ingot-like ears, just as each elf not only carries the vitality, but also makes the body parts that the tattoo world don't care so much about glow with more different brilliance and power.


 People get tattoos on their ears, and they often get more ways to place tattoos, especially for girls. If you want to leave some space and tranquility for the tattoo, you can put your hair down to cover the scenery around your ears; if you want the tattoo to meet more people, you can tie your hair, or put it behind your ears. Ear tattoos are destined to experience more situations.


As for whether it hurts to get a tattoo on the ear. In front of good looks and liking, pain and no pain are not worth mentioning, right?


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