TATARTIST - Christmas Shopping Carnival Event

Christmas Shopping Carnival Event-$100 Tattoo Gun Combo

  • TatArtist's tattoo gun set comes from a well-known tattoo gun brand-Solong

  • Christmas is coming soon, and the tattoo artist will change to a new set of tattoo guns to welcome the new 2022. The Solong tattoo kit is normally priced at US$119, but now it’s only US$100. It also comes with gloves or plastic wrap or tattoos. Practice skin. Please check the promotional poster for specific offers.
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Introducing the well-known tattoo gun brand-Solong

  • Solongtattoo has been producing wholesale tattoo supplies of excellent quality for many years. We hope that the tattoo will only leave a positive impression on one person. Many artists in the studio follow the principle of making ink without pain or itching. However, today there are countless complex devices designed to turn previously painful operations into pleasing body decorations. Our tattoo shop provides products that artists in the art world cannot do without.
  • Putting aside the common mistakes about "pain" tattoos, it is still an unspoiled art of self-expression. Acquiring ink is to decorate the body with profound symbolic or pictorial meaning. Therefore, artists should use high-quality accessories and tools to accurately convey the information on the skin. Solongtattoo has a wide range of tattoo supply shops, including machines, gun kits, needles, handles, disposable clothes, temporary marking or perforated accessories, and more. All these products are essential for a person to have the most exquisite tattoo.

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