What should I prepare for my first tattoo?

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Many friends who get tattoos for the first time feel confused. What do you need to prepare for a tattoo? In fact, I need to be mentally and mentally prepared. Come and explore with me.

The tattoo process of a professional tattoo artist usually includes the following steps:

  1. Consulting and Design: Communicate with clients to understand their tattoo needs and expectations. Discuss the details of the tattoo pattern, size, position, color, style, etc., and design according to the client's requirements.
  2. Preparation: Before starting a tattoo, the tattoo artist needs to prepare the work area and the required equipment. This includes cleaning and sanitizing the work area, preparing required tattoo machines, needles, paint, tattoo cups, and other necessary props.
  3. Facial Preparation: Before the tattoo begins, the tattoo artist needs to clean and disinfect the client's skin area to ensure hygiene and safety. Cleaning is usually done with alcohol or a disinfectant, and plastic wrap or tattoo stickers are used to protect the area around the tattooed site.
  4. Make sketches of tattoos: A tattoo artist can sketch designs on the client's skin to ensure accuracy of placement and size. This step is often called a tattoo sticker or tattoo sketch.
  5. Start tattooing: After the preparations are complete, the tattoo artist will start tattooing with the tattoo machine and the needles of choice. They will draw lines and patterns on the customer's skin according to the design, while controlling the speed and depth of the tattoo machine to ensure the quality and accuracy of the tattoo.
  6. Filling: After drawing the lines of the tattoo, the tattoo artist will fill it with suitable pigments and needles. They paint with care to ensure rich and even color while maintaining good hygiene.
  7. Cleaning and Conditioning: After the tattoo is done, the tattoo artist will clean the tattooed area with a cleanser and apply appropriate care products, such as antibacterial ointments and dressings. They also provide advice and guidance to their clients on how to properly care for and protect their new tattoos.


The sequence of tools and equipment that tattoo artists usually need to prepare before tattooing:

  1. Tattoo machine: The main tool used to draw tattoos on the client's skin.
  2. Needles: Choose the appropriate type and specification of needles according to the design and tattoo needs.
  3. Pigments: Choose tattoo pigments that match your client's needs and tattoo style.
  4. Tattoo Cups: Small cups for mixing and storing tattoo paint.
  5. Tattoo stickers or tattoo sketches: used to paste design sketches or templates on the client's skin to guide the location and size of the tattoo.
  6. Tattoo Gloves: For hygiene and safety, tattoo artists need to wear disposable or reusable tattoo gloves.
  7. Cleaners and Disinfectants: Chemicals used to clean and disinfect workspaces and tattooed areas to ensure hygienic conditions.
  8. Plastic film or tattoo stickers: Used to protect the skin around the tattooed area to avoid cross-contamination and keep it clean.
  9. Tattoo cutter: Used to cut tattoo stickers or tattoo sketches to fit the shape and size of the tattoo design.
  10. Tattoo disinfectant: When used for tattooing, sterilize tattoo machines, needles and other tools to ensure hygiene and safety.
  11. Tattoo Ink Cup Holder: Used to support the tattoo cup and keep the ink container stable.
  12. Tattoo tablecloth or tattoo mat: placed on top of a tattoo work table, provides a comfortable working surface and is easy to clean.
  13. Tattoo power supply and pedal: used to control the power supply and switch of the tattoo machine.
  14. Lighting equipment: Provide enough light to ensure that the tattooist can clearly see the tattooed area while working.
  15. Tattoo Bandage or Dressing: Used to cover the tattooed area to protect the tattoo and provide extra protection.

FAQ about TATARTIST furniture tattoo client chair

 1. Q: How much weight can a  TATARTIST tattoo chair hold?

A:440 lbs.

Thickened metal chassis, stronger load-bearing capacity! TATARTIST client chair TA-TC-11 | TA-TC-12

2.Q:What is the use of a tattoo chair?

A:There are many uses for a tattoo chair. Can be used for tattoos, piercings, eyebrows. Cosmetology, micro-plastic surgery can be. The chair can be multi-functionally adjusted, can be used as a bed when lying flat, the armrests are detachable, and can be rotated 360°. A chair can be used in many ways to meet your different needs.

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