Special recommendation-new tattoo furniture combination
Standard 3-piece tattoo furniture set
  • Hydraulic tattoo client chair (black) - TA-TC-04 Pro
  • Ergonomic artist chair (black) - TA-AC-07
  • Tattoo armrest (black) - TA-FR-11


TA-TC-04 Pro

The tattoo chair that makes the client willing to sit for a long time has a strong sense of comfort and allows him to fall asleep obediently without disturbing your normal performance.



The tattoo artist must not treat himself badly because the working hours are particularly long. A comfortable chair is an enhancer for your smooth work. The ergonomic backrest and hand rest design are your best choice.



Foot rest, hand rest, more to say, every tattoo artist must have auxiliary tools. Your customers can use it at work. When you are lying on the sofa during leisure time, you can also support your legs.


US and Canada spot is only $1266
Only 10 sets left, rush to buy

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