SOLONG Wireless Portable Tattoo Pen Machine

This is a SOLONG Wireless Portable Tattoo Pen Machine.

Most tattoo artists like this pen because of its forward weight and unique design concept, allowing the tattoo master to focus on the tip of the needle. Not only can draw delicate lines, but also make transitional soft shadows. This tattoo machine pen can be replaced with a battery pack to create a wireless option. Provide all the functions and functions of other types of tattoo machines, while eliminating many of their complexity and inconvenience.

Equipped with high-quality motors. Make it support wider voltage adjustment. The tattoo artist can change the strength and frequency of the machine through voltage.

    1. long lasting.
    2. Equipped with long handle. It is very comfortable to hold. Working long hours is not easy to get tired
    3. Compatible with most brands of power supplies and tattoo needles on the market.
    4. Multi-function indicator light, which represents the voltage level and current power.
    5. Fully charged and fully charged for 2-3 hours

New Machine Cartridge Needle Tattoo Machine

Aviation aluminum CNC carved processing

Upgrade PCB stable & durable

Pedal display high conforms to the arch of the foot

Tattoo needle cartridges 20pcs/box

Safety cartridges system. Oblique mouth design close to the skin for smoother use.

Exercise skin 142mm*192mm

Tatartist gun kit

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