Salon Client Chair, Piercing, Tattoo, Beauty
Salon Client Chair TA-TC-22
Suitable for Piercing, Tattoo, Beauty
Product Description:
  1. Heavy-duty piecing table/chair
  2. Removable arms for versatility
  3. Removable face cut-out pillow
  4. Super heavy-duty hydraulic pump
  5. Upholstered in PVC vinyl material
  6. Facial cut-out cradle under pillow
  7. Removable facial cut-out pillow
  8. No assembly required, ready to use

A studio is not just getting a space to work, it should be a business. In order to make your tattoo, piercing or permanent makeup studio as comfortable, functional and attractive to you and your clients as possible, it is important to equip it with all the studio supplies you need, such as client chairs and stand holders, storage tool carts and miscellaneous items Boxes and containers for supplies, and safe disposal containers for sharps and used medical disposables.


When shopping for store furniture, be sure to keep in mind the overall style and aesthetic of your business and brand. and customer experience and expectations. In addition to a unique style, the studio cannot forget comfort and high fashion.

This salon furniture set we recommend for you is just right for you who are looking for luxury and comfort.

Affordable and premium. Great for salon use.

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