Premium Canadian Tattoo Furniture - Crafted for Excellence

Premium Canadian Tattoo Furniture - Crafted for Excellence

Welcome to Canada's premier destination for top-tier tattoo furniture. At TATARTIST, we understand the intricate needs of both tattoo artists and their clients. It's why we're dedicated to offering the most comfortable and functional designs - from ink tattoo beds to hydraulic tattoo chairs.

Experience the Ultimate Tattoo Journey with TATARTIST

Tattoo XL Armrest: Provides optimal support for all tattooing processes. Built to enhance the artist's efficiency and the client's comfort.

Electric Tattoo Chair: Our electric chairs, highly sought after in Canada, offer precise adjustment capabilities. Whether you’re inking a masterpiece or undergoing a piercing, our chairs ensure utmost comfort.

Reclining Tattoo Chair: Offering flexibility and ease, our reclining chairs cater to diverse tattooing needs. Dive into an uninterrupted inking experience.

TATARTIST Tattoo Artist Chair: Designed ergonomically for tattoo artists. Because an artist's comfort is just as crucial.

Piercing Chair: Specialty designs for those dedicated to the art of body piercing. Ensuring safety and comfort.

Tattoo Workstation: Organize, access, and streamline your tattooing process with our laser-cut, precision-designed workstations.



  1. Canadian Craftsmanship: Proudly serving the Canadian tattoo community, our furniture isn't just about aesthetics. It's about blending form with function.
  2. Versatile Range: From tattoo tables to tatartist tattoo chairs, explore a range that speaks of quality and dedication.
  3. Unparalleled Comfort: Whether it's our tattoo client chair or inkbed tattoo bed, comfort is never compromised.
  4. Canada trusts TATARTIST for its tattooing needs. Why? Because when it comes to tattoo furniture in Canada, we stand unmatched in quality, design, and durability.

Join the Canadian tattoo revolution. Upgrade to TATARTIST today.

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