Mute rotating hydraulic tattoo client chair
This tattoo equipment is perfect for your studio.
Make your work more interesting and no longer boring.
The 360° rotating seat is a high-quality experience.
1. 360° rotation, even if it rotates, customers will faint, and the metal shell will not produce noise. (Of course this is not to say that you really want to drive your guests crazy, but if you want to experience it, I suggest you go on an empty stomach.)
2. The most important function of the seat rotation function is that the guest will be very painful when tattooing, and the body will also be very uncomfortable. If you turn around, it really makes the guests more painful. But you can rotate the chair to achieve the effect you want. This is the purpose of our design of 360° rotation.
These reasons are enough to make you throw away the dull, old table.
Choose TA-TC-04 hydraulic rotary tattoo client chair.
Is your tattoo studio equipped with a rotating tattoo guest chair?

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