Magical tattoo furniture combo
Human life is magical and impermanent, just like a tattoo.
When viewed with the naked eye, it looks like a flower, but it is not actually a flower.
In the ever-changing life, we must learn to grasp the rewards that life gives us when we have the opportunity.
For example, tatartist is sending you the real deal.

This Amazing Luxury Tattoo Furniture Set of 4 is only available in sets of 5.
Which five lucky tattoo artists will get this magical and miraculous energy tattoo kit? stay tuned.

Amazing tattoo furniture contains:
1. A chair for tattooed guests that will allow them to fall asleep without jumping or moving around. The chair can be adjusted in all directions, and the sponge is super comfortable. The chassis is also very stable, users will not feel shaking. This amazing guest chair is called TA-TC-22. With it, your guests will sleep soundly. Absolutely will not disturb your work.

2. A magic chair for tattoo artist to make you forget about low back pain. TA-AC--03, ergonomic design, you will not feel back discomfort when sitting on it.

3. Very good magic assist. TA-AM-20, XXXL size hand rest, can support your fat hands and feet, even if you shake, the hand rest will not shake.

4. The tattoo tool cart that can be moved all over the room is also an artifact. TA-WS-17, I am small but powerful, can hold tattoo gun, tattoo ink, tattoo hand rest, tissues and other items. Very safe, anti-rust and anti-fouling performance is super high.

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