How to Spookify Your Tattoo Shop for Halloween

TATARTIST Halloween furniture

How to Spookify Your Tattoo Shop for Halloween: A Tattoo Artist's Guide

Halloween is fast approaching, and as a tattoo artist, the spirit of creativity is in your blood. Why not channel that into giving your tattoo shop a haunting Halloween makeover? Here's how you can craft the perfect spooky ambiance:

  1. Mood Lighting: Consider investing in orange or purple LED strips or bulbs. A dim atmosphere will instantly set the tone, immersing clients in a chilling ambiance.

  2. Spider Webbing: Decorate with fake spider webs. Stretch them across walls, furniture, and even drape them over some of your tattoo chairs for a haunted touch.

  3. Pumpkin Vibes: Add carved or painted pumpkins around the studio. A unique idea? Showcase some Halloween-themed tattoo designs on them.

  4. Horror Wall Art: Bring in a bit of classic horror. Swap out some of your regular wall art with iconic horror movie posters or create a gallery of eerie tattoo illustrations.

  5. Skeleton Squad: Incorporate life-sized skeleton models. You can pose them on chairs or let them 'hang out' with clients. It's a fun, quirky touch that clients will love.

  6. Atmospheric Accessories: The devil is in the details. Scatter faux candles around the studio for a soft, eerie glow. A cauldron filled with dry ice might seem over the top, but trust us, the spooky mist effect is totally worth it.



TATARTIST Tattoo client chair

Halloween and tattoos are the perfect match

Now, speaking of elevating the ambiance, have you ever thought about how furniture plays into your studio's vibe? I've been using some pieces from TATARTIST lately, and I must say they've been a game-changer. Their hydraulic tattoo client chairs offer such a smooth adjustment feature; it feels like magic! Plus, the electric tattoo client chair has been a favorite among my clients for its comfort. And let's not even get started on the XL heavy support tattoo armrest and tattoo artist chair - they’re as sturdy as they come, and they’ve genuinely enhanced my working experience. If you’re considering a furniture upgrade, TATARTIST is genuinely worth a look.




  1. Costume Days: Spice things up by dressing up! Invite your team to wear Halloween-themed costumes. It's a fun way to engage with clients and spread the festive joy.

  2. Haunted Tunes: Curate a playlist filled with spine-chilling tracks. It’s amazing how music can amplify the Halloween vibe.

  3. Mystery Offers: Introduce a 'trick or treat' discount bowl. After their session, clients can draw and enjoy a surprise offer on their next visit.

  4. Capture the Moment: Set up a photo corner with Halloween props. It's a great way for clients to remember their visit and for you to get some social media traction.


In the spirit of Halloween, don't forget to add your unique touch. Let your creativity shine, and have a hauntingly successful Halloween! 🎃🖤

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