How to choose the best tattoo armrest?

How to choose the best tattoo armrest?

1. Adjustable

Old-fashioned tattoo armrests are fixed, and the inclination cannot be adjusted.
This is not friendly to the actual operation of the tattoo artist. TATARTIST XL armrest legrest can be adjusted in height and tilt tattoo equipment to meet the needs of the public.
The height, inclination, and inclination of the mat can be adjusted.
3 major adjustment functions, very in place tattoo equipment tools.

2. Easy to clean

The leather of the tattoo armrest is thick and waterproof, easy to clean and maintain.
Of course, if you wipe it hard, it can still be easily damaged. Avoid direct sunlight. If you don't use it for a long time, you can use some leather paste to seal the glaze to prevent the leather from drying out.

3. Build quality

Made of thick metal square tube, the load-bearing capacity is stronger than ordinary handrails.
Don't worry about being overwhelmed, slipping and breaking during use.

The favorite heavy-duty armrest of tattoo studio artists.TA-AM-20

Tattoo armrest

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