Heavy Duty Tattoo Handrail Artist Exclusive

XL tattoo armrest, strong tattoo stability, height adjustable, portable, handmade leather for artists, tattoo armrest frame heavy duty professional tattoo equipment, suitable for tattoo studios

☆【High Quality Tattoo Armrest】Designed by experienced tattoo artists and repeatedly tested after production, it is durable and considers the needs of artists. Designed with durable iron frames, aluminum connection fittings, and thick, high-density cushioning for customer comfort. Hand-embossed red check leather surface adds style

☆【Strong stability】The four-corner base provides strong grip, the 11lb weight makes the tattoo armrest more stable, and uses aluminum connection to reinforce the accessories, so that it will not shake and slip during the tattooing process. Weight Capacity: 200 lbs

☆【Multi-Angle Function】This armrest is also fully adjustable, giving you full control over any arm tattoo. It has an adjustable height range of 15.7 inches, with a minimum height of 26.7 inches and a maximum height of 42.5 inches. Upholstered can be rotated 360 degrees, suitable for professional salons and studios.

☆【Easy to Install】The total weight of the tattoo arm stand is 11 lbs and comes with a silent non-slip base. Installation is very convenient.

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