Happy Labor Day Tattoo Artist

International Labor Day, also known as May 1 International Labor Day, Labor Day, and International Day of Demonstrations, is the Labor Day in more than 80 countries around the world. International Labour Day is a holiday advocated by the international labour movement and is celebrated every May Day by workers and working classes around the world. While Labor Day may be associated with spring break traditions in various regions, the holiday was originally established for political reasons at the International Socialist Congress in 1889.

May 1 is a legal holiday in many countries in the world, mostly "Labor Day", "International Labor Day" and the like. Although some countries celebrate Labor Day on other dates, for example the United States and Canada celebrate Labor Day on the first Monday in September


After May, the products in the US warehouses have been put into new inventory one after another.

  • Tattoo XL hand rest
  • Tattoo Hydraulic Guest Chair
  • Tattoo electric guest chair
  • Tattoo master chairs are well stocked
  • 2 tattoo workbenches are in sufficient supply

Canadian warehouse situation:

  • Tattoo Guest Chair Out of Stock
  • Tattoo XL hand rest

Hope all tattoo artists have a good rest on Labor Day.
A word of advice: take care of your body and buy yourself a new tattoo artist chair.
I wish you all the best.

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