Happy Holidays From Tatartist

tattoo client chair

I believe everyone is indulging in a happy holiday
I really want to share your vacation fun with you.
I look forward to and welcome everyone to share your interesting stories about tattoos in the message box.

I have good news for you!
On January 3, 2022, new products of tatartist tattoo furniture have arrived.
Star product electric tattoo guest chair TA-TC-07 and removable tattoo workbench TA-WS-17
TA-TC-07 product advantages:
1. Motor control lift
2. Complete functions and simple operation
3. A tattoo artist must buy a high-end tattoo chair

TA-WS-17 product advantages:
1. Portable, casters to move, convenient
2. Strong load-bearing capacity, can withstand 150kg heavy objects
3. Strong storage capacity, holding ink, tattoo gun, gloves, paper towel roll, small size, large function.

tattoo tray


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