Food grade nitrile gloves for tattoo artist

Food grade nitrile gloves.
Safe, hygienic and skin-friendly.
The tattoo artist is very friendly to customers.


*Advanced: High-quality disposable, designed for professional use, high tear resistance, protect your hands.

*No powder, no latex: No need to use latex or powder to avoid potential allergies and discomfort, and protect yourself from the effects of colored dyes, corrosive liquids, etc. on your hands.
*Textured fingertips: Textured fingertips provide maximum grip for wet and dry objects.
*The raw material is thin and tough: wearing gloves will not affect normal work because of its bulkiness.
*Food and home use: can be used for tattoo work, beauty salons, home cleaning, warehouses, restaurants and food preparation, etc.!
*Large package: 100 pcs per box.


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