Coming soon TatArtist Tattoo Workbench TA-WS-16C

TatArtist Tattoo Workbench TA-WS-16C
Old flower-shaped tripod.
Improved spider-shaped tripod.
From the looks of it, which one do you prefer?

TA-WS-16C Chassis Function Introduction
1. Both types of underframes are very stable in both static and motion states, and do not shake.
2. The casters move without noise, push and pull are super smooth, and have strong landing force.
3. High-quality metal tray, corrosion-resistant, not easy to deform.
4. Easy to assemble/disassemble, easy to clean

This is a small tattoo workbench that is very suitable for tattoo artists. It is light and can meet basic work needs. If you need a strong storage function, you can choose TA-WS-03 for the super large tattoo workbench. TatArtist tattoo furniture, there is always one you want.


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