Canadian Tattoo Furniture Now Available

Canadian Tattoo Furniture Now Available

Tatartist tattoo client chair is available in three styles
Hydraulic style
1. TA-TC-01 Perfect Basic Hydraulic Tattoo client chair
The price is only $859, and some areas can enjoy free shipping.
The head, back and legs of the chair can be manually adjusted to your comfortable angle.
It is very suitable for novice tattoo artists who have just started a business to buy
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2. TA-TC-04 Pro advanced high-end hydraulic tattoo chair
Price: $920, order shipped as soon as possible.
The goods are fully packaged to ensure safe delivery.
The product has been well received by the majority of tattoo artists.
Multifunctional adjustment head, legs, seat, armrest can be removed.
This product is suitable for a tattoo bed used by VIP users.
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electric, style
1. TA-TC-07 Luxury Electric Tattoo Chair
Price: $1199
Electric tattoo chair, the king of tattoo chairs.
Can make your work more convenient.
All functions are electronically controlled, effortlessly.
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All are in stock, welcome to come to know more.


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