Can you accept ashes tattoos?

"Under my skin" is a metaphor for the depths of love. You have me in you, you have me in you.
I have heard this sentence before, and it feels vague, but it turns out that the real practitioner is the one who makes the ashes tattoo.

TMZ News once reported that crazy fans of the murderer Manson wanted to tattoo his idol portrait on his arm. The tattoo artist gave him a special offer, not a discount or a bonus pattern, but Manson's ashes in ink. Such an operation is the ashes tattoo. The main difficulty of the ashes tattoo operation is that the ashes must be finely ground and the ink must be stored in a sterile environment. If you do not have the skills, you cannot do ashes tattoos. Not every tattoo artist dares to do it.

The dyes used for ashes tattoos are called "Morbid inks" in the industry. After all, whether it is an ordinary apprentice or a wild tattooist, there is no deposit. The American Association of Tattoo Artists issued a warning on ashes tattoos: customers must bear the risk of poor healing, infection and all other unknown risks. But there are still thousands of people who are willing to bear the consequences every year, at their own risk, and then pierce their beloved relics into the dermis: To bear the pain of hair and skin, you must be dear.

However, it is not easy to find a master willing to do ashes tattoos. If you decide to get ashes, please pay attention to how much public opinion pressure you put on this small shop.

Stabbing the ashes of your loved ones into your body will enable them to physically accompany you to the last moments of life. Before pushing you into the incinerator and taking it out, you still have me in you, and you have me in you. It's really romantic to be mixed together. But before that, you may have to endure decades of skin allergies, itching or tingling alone. But the people who got the ashes tattoo said that this is how their loved ones show their existence.

Some tattoo artists condemned this as a perverted behavior in the news section. Do you think the act of helping clients complete the ashes tattoo is just or anti-human behavior? Leave your voice and experience, and look forward to sharing with you.

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