Big Deals on TATARTIST Tattoo Machines

17 PCS Solong Complete Tattoo Kit 2 Coil Machine 5 Colors Ink 20 Needles


20% OFF Free Shipping in Continental United States


Products include:

1. Iron Cutting coil machine *1
2. Fog machine *1
3. Power *1
4. Foot pedal*1
5. Hook line*1
6. Power cord *1
7.5ml color material set*1
8. Aluminum handle*1 Random colors for sending
9. Disposable needle mouth*20
10. Long needle *20 (3RL 5RL 3RS 5RS each *5)
11.Silicone exercise skin*1
12. Color material cup*100
13. Rubber band*20
16. Pin cushion*20
17.Large, medium and small wrench*1

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