Christmas, happiness or burden?



1. A story about buying Christmas gifts

The forum post reads: "Saw this at the EB Games store in Auckland's Sylvia Park shopping center today.

“An old lady wanted to buy her grandson a Christmas gift. The kid wanted a Switch Bundle, which included a brand new Switch and a game for $549.

"She couldn't afford it, so she asked the store clerk if there was a cheaper option. The clerk recommended her a second-hand Switch Lite, priced at NZD 300. (PS: "Second-hand" here may refer to unopened) Product .rather than second-hand products with defects or minor defects)

"In the end she paid with Afterpay (note: the Australian and New Zealand version of 'Huabei'). The new Switch Lite sells for $380 or less (Dick Smith is $320). Because the Joy-Con handle cannot be removed (this is not suitable for This is a big deal for most Switch players since the controller can't be shared with other people), so the Switch Lite is half the price of the Switch.

“And the price doesn’t include the game, so you still have to pay $100 to buy the game.
"If she buys the game, the total cost will be $400. In this way, she 'saves' $150. But what she buys is just a used Switch Lite from EB Games, not a 'real' Switch. Second unit A handheld Switch Lite rarely costs more than $100.

"And, she was bought with debt... It's just a depressing Christmas story and I'm sorry for wasting everyone's time."

TATARTIST's insights

The story has resonated with other New Zealanders online, many of whom can relate to the financial pressures of Christmas.

Moreover, many netizens also began to reflect.

Netizen A : "I really don't like expecting gifts at Christmas. My family has a 'Secret Santa' gift system of up to $50, but I even want to stop doing that now. Spend time with family, enjoy good food, Instead of having to suffer." The financial and time stress of buying a gift will be much more enjoyable. "

Another netizen said: "I finally convinced my family not to send gifts anymore. We don't lack anything. Christmas now should be about eating delicious food and being with loved ones. That's how it should be."

Some netizens specifically posted: Why has Christmas become a material carnival?

2. Families who “stop buying gifts” during Christmas


Netizen B said: “A few days ago, my son asked me what Christmas was like when I was a kid.

“(I’m Gen X) “We may receive a ‘big’ gift, usually something practical. I think I might have received 3 gifts total and I would have been happy.

“The main activity was spending time with my cousins, Dad complained, because he had to pick up his elderly mother and aunt from the nursing home.

“Then we had a barbecue and we all sat in the living room chatting. The neighborhood kids would go out in the afternoon and show off their bikes/skateboards/kites. It made the whole world stand still and become special.

"Now that I'm a parent myself, I feel a lot of pressure to buy things for my kids and relatives at home. This year, we're not giving gifts to everyone except the youngest two."

"My kids are teenagers and I do buy gifts for my family in the past and Christmas has been going on in my family for almost 20 years. I just want to highlight the money aspect of Christmas and the stress of shopping. … .”

Netizen C said that now Christmas has become a bit of a shopping carnival, which makes people feel uncomfortable.

Some netizens agreed that families no longer buy gifts for each other.

I want to said : "As children we would receive gifts (mainly toys and some useful things). Now that we are adults (without children) we gather together to eat and we don't give gifts. Each of us buys what we want during the festival stuff. That year, we won’t blindly shop with each other…”

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