7 strange tattoos that can bring bad luck

If you are a superstitious person, then you must understand the rules about tattoo superstition.
I don't know whether these "rules" will actually appear, I can only warn you not to take risks.
In the tattoo forum, many friends left messages. They violated the tattoo taboo and broke up with their girlfriends who have been in love for many years within 6 months.

It is said that some tattoos can bring bad luck or negative energy. I want to know if you have the experience of being entangled with the "doom" tattoo?
I really want to discuss with you, please share what you have seen and heard.

1. Inverted horseshoe
A horseshoe in a normal state symbolizes good luck, because it is imagined that a horseshoe has a magnetic force and can absorb good luck and money. But there is an important difference when placing the tattoo on the skin. It is generally believed that hanging the two ends of the horseshoe downwards will cause luck to "fall down", so this tattoo is taboo in the tattoo industry.

2. The name of your lover.
Studies have shown that many young people engrave the names of their boys/girlfriends on themselves. No matter how your relationship with your lover develops, you will end up breaking up in the end. So when the tattoo artist sees someone who wants to tattoo the name of his lover, the tattoo artist thinks this is the worst idea. If you really want to leave a memory for your lover. You can add creativity to your anniversary or love tokens and engrave them on your body.
Moreover, many tattoo artists say that many old clients clean the tattoos of their lovers after a period of time.

3. The upside-down cross
Usually, tattoos will be new and different, so some symbols will be turned around and portrayed. For example, a simple cross, but the meaning of an inverted cross is completely different from when it is erected. Different meanings may bring different luck. The cross has the meaning of the inviolability of the Holy Spirit, so everyone really needs to be cautious.

4. Asian characters and portraits

For example, inserting chopsticks directly on a bowl of rice is a food and method that recalls lonely souls in China.

Other unfortunate signs include:

Fourth place in Chinese culture (four phobias)

Numbers 4 and 9 in Japanese culture

Also in Japanese culture, the 43rd delivery room literally means "stillbirth"

5. A black cat
The black cat is one of the most notorious signs of bad luck. Black cats are known as trick-or-destroying demons. Before the Middle Ages, people conflated pagan customs with the worship of the devil. Some people believed that black cats had the function of warding off evil spirits. But more people believe that the places where black cats appear are places where evil is vigorous. Of course, I think black cats are protective because they are so cute.

6. Creepy tattoos
I really don't recommend that you portray scary tattoos on your body. Just imagine that you are full of skeletons, a bloody field, which will keep others away from you. So you may inadvertently feel that others are malicious to you and deliberately avoid you.

7. "The Beast" 666
Also known as hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia, many witches get 666 tattoos. This well-known symbol of bad luck is sometimes rejected by some artists because they don't want to destroy the negative energy brought by the ominous symbol.

Barretta said: "Some people even tattoo with this number when joking and find that they attract negative emotions in life in a weird way."

7 superstition rules for tattoos-stay away from doom
Try to tattoo the lucky number 7 on your body, it will surely bring good luck.
After all, Ronaldo is the lucky number 7.



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