【USA】Tattoo studio stool set , 2 Tattoo Chair With 1 Tray & 1 Armrest

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Standard Configuration:

  • Tattoo Client  Chair (black) - TA-TC-01
  • Tattoo Artist Chair(black) - TA-AC-07
  • Tattoo Mobile Tray(black) - TA-WS-15
  • Tattoo Armrest Stand (black) -  TA-AR-09

Tattoo Client  Chair (black) - TA-TC-01


  • 174/189(L)*80(W)*60/78(H)cm / 68.50''/74.41''*31.50''*23.62''-30.71''



  • Bed length: 184-199cm (including legs: 48-63cm; seat cushion: 56cm; backrest: 80cm)
  • Height from bed surface to ground: 60-75cm
  • Select high-quality PU leather, wear-resistant, dirt-resistant and waterproof
  • Hydraulic lifting, manual operation, smooth and labor-saving
  • Sturdy structure, 200kg load capacity, suitable for customers of different weights
  • Two-year warranty, lifetime after-sales service
  • U.S. inventory, fast delivery


Tattoo Artist Chair(black) - TA-AC-07

  • Parameter:
  1. Total height of chair: 91-134 cm
  2. Height of backrest 1: 18 cm
  3. Backrest 1 length: 40 cm
  4. Extension height of backrest 1: 18-32 cm
  5. Backrest 2 height: 27 cm
  6. Backrest 2 length: 49 cm
  7. The overall extension height of the backrest: 27-42 cm
  8. Chair lift height: 46-60 cm
  9. Chair bottom frame length: 64 cm
  10. Soft seat length: 50 cm
  11. Soft seat width: 45 cm
  12. Soft cushion angle adjustment: 3-6°
  13. Backrest angle adjustment: 85°-115°
  14. The maximum height of the backrest and headrest: 16cm (the headrest is removable)


  • Features:
  1. The chair headrest can be disassembled and the height can be extended. The tattoo artist can adjust the chair as needed.
  2. The inclination of the chair cushion can be adjusted to suit the tattoo artist's sitting habits. (Cushion adjustment 3-6°)
  3. The backrest can be adjusted back and forth (85-115°), and you can customize your own chair.
  4. Thicken 4 layers of high resilience sponge. The clients will not feel numb and comfortable after sitting for a long time.
  5. Waterproof and antifouling PVC leather, easy to take care of, and the leather wears a long time.
  6. SGS-certified lifting air pole is safe and guaranteed.
  7. Super quiet and super smooth PU pulley.
  8. 3 manually adjustable hand boards, easy to operate.
  1. The chair can support 300 pounds and can roll on a stable base with 5 wheels.
  2. The metal chassis is stable, will not shake, and has strong handling.
  3. Easy to install, it can be fully installed in 5 minutes with installation videos.

Tattoo Mobile Tray(black) - TA-WS-15


  • Height: 138CM; 54.4 inches
  • Paper tray size: 45 (L) * 30 (W) * 5 (H) CM; 17.7 (L) * 11.8 (W) * 1.9 (H) inches
  • Paper towel holder size: 41 (L) * 3 (H) CM; 16.2 (L) * 1.2 (W) inch
  • Foldable trash bin size: diameter 18CM, height 6.5-22CM; diameter 7 inches, height 2.6-8.7 inches
  • Auxiliary work desktop size: 36 (L) * 28 (W); 14 (L) * 11 (W) inches
  • Disposable shelf size: 28 (L) * 8 (W) * 13.5 (H) CM; 11 (L) * 3.1 (W) * 5.3 (H) inches
  • Packing size: 80(L)*68(W)*15(H)CM; 31(L)*26.7(W)*5.9(H) inches



★Portable and foldable, small space occupation, easy to store or transport. The tattoo work plate is an indispensable element for tattoo artists today. It can hold paint, tattoo gun, ipad, mobile phone, fill light, tissue paper roll and trash can.
★The sturdy 5-pointed star mobile frame base allows you to be accompanied by a professional work partner no matter where you are working.
★The appearance is novel and beautiful, the disassembly and assembly design, and the structure is firm. Each sub-bracket has a set of screws. If all screws are installed correctly, there will be no experience of shaking and fragility. Easy to install, there are installation videos to follow step by step. Flexible and convenient to use. Lightweight and portable, light enough to be placed anywhere you need.
★Independent paint positioning box, easy to use, with paint, suitable for professional use in tattoo shops.
★The number and position of the shelves can be adjusted and disassembled, and the tray can be easily moved for cleaning and disinfection.
★All screws must be installed before use, otherwise the tattoo work bracket will be loose and fragile.

Tattoo Armrest Stand (black) -  TA-AR-09


Adjustable height in black: 72.6-120.5cm / 28.58"-47.44"
Pad size: 17 x 22 x 4cm / 6.69" x 8.66" x 1.57"


  • Foldable and portable design: The armrest of the tattoo tripod bracket is portable, foldable, easy to store and carry, easy to install, easy to store or carry out
  • High-quality tattoo armrest: It consists of an armrest pad and a sturdy structural frame, a soft adjustable pad and a solid metal leg of the tripod. Sturdy frame and thick foam ensure comfort during use
  • Stable design: The tripod provides more stability and non-slip (metal legs with rubber ends), non-slip and more stable, and will not harm your floor at the same time
  •  COMFORTBALE use: tattoo arm/leg support can be fully adjusted and durable. The sturdy frame and thick sponge material can improve customer comfort. Soft and comfortable arm, hand, wrist, shoulder, leg or foot pad

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