Cheap Tattoo Client Chair With XL Armrest & Tattoo Machine Kit

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Standard Configuration:

  • Hydraulic Tattoo Client chair (Black) TA-TC-22
  • Heavy Duty Tattoo XL Armrest (Black)TA-AM-19
  • Tattoo Machine Kit 17 PCS  TA-TK-02


Tattoo Client chair TA-TC-22

  • Product parameters:
  1. Product size: 185 (L) * 62 (W) * 61-79 (H) cm
  2. Packing size: 120 (L) * 66 (W) * 78 (H) CM
  3. Seat width: 82CM
  4. Seat length: 51CM
  5. Total height of seat lift: 61-79CM
  6. Chair back length: 71CM
  7. Seat leg length: 62CM
  8. Bearing weight: 300KG
  9. Leather: High-quality PVC leather
  10. Sponge: high-density rebound sponge

  • Adjustable parts of the product:
  1. The backrest manually adjusts the inclination of the spring
  2. Seat height gauge hydraulic pump lift
  3. Seat feet-manual height adjustment

Heavy Duty Tattoo Armrest TA-AM-19

  • Specification:

    *Material: PU leather, iron

    *Colour: Black

    *Sponge support plate: 70 (L) * 32 (W) cm; 27.5 (L) * 12.6 (W) inches

    *Adjustable height: 68-108cm; 26.8-43 inches

    *Base size: 55 (L) * 35 (W) CM; 21.6 (L) * 13.8 (W) inches

    *Weight: 12KG



    *Extended and widened heavy-duty hand pad, equipped with a sturdy frame and thick 4-layer foam pad, safe and stable, suitable for customers of different body types.

    *Tattoo bracket. The iron base weighs 12 kg and can provide stability for the tattoo holder. The base frame is stable and non-slip, fully supporting the arm and leg rest.

    *Fully adjustable height (68-100 cm) to meet different needs.

    *The armrest pad can be freely adjusted more than 180 degrees according to your needs.

    *Super comfortable and soft. The tattoo armrest consists of an armrest pad and a sturdy structural frame. Soft and thick pillows provide the best comfort for the arms, legs and feet. You can freely adapt the work surface to the customer's skin to ensure customers' comfort.

    *Simple assembly. It can be assembled in 3 minutes. The cushion is made of leather. The soft and thick padding makes the arms, legs and feet feel comfortable. The leather case is easy to clean and can be wiped with a towel.

    *You can install brackets, paper towel rolls, airplane boxes (optional) on both sides of the iron frame.

    *Very suitable for lifting hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, feet or legs. It is a must for tattoos.

Tattoo Machine Kit 17 PCS  TA-TK-02

  • List of Solong tattoo kits:
1. Iron Cutting machine *1
2. Fog machine *1
3. Power *1
4. Foot pedal*1
5. Hook line*1
6. Power cord *1
7.5ml color material set*1
8. Aluminum handle*1 Random colors for sending
9. Disposable needle mouth*20
10. Long needle *20 (3RL 5RL 3RS 5RS each *5)
11.Silicone exercise skin*1
12. Color material cup*100
13. Rubber band*20
16. Pin cushion*20
17.Large, medium and small wrench*1
  • Liner Machine
Frequency 110Hz
Working Voltage: 6-10V
Size: 3.23(L)*0.95(W)*3.46(H) in.
  • Power Supply Display
Number P162
Input 100-240V AC
Output 3V-18V(Voltage)
Upgrade PCB:
1.Slightly heat
2.Longer life
  • Results show
Secant & shader
  • Silicone practice leather
Material: silicone
Soft simulation easy to paint
  • Needle & Tips
Needle*20 pcs
Tips *20 pcs
Needle type: 3RL 5RL 3RS 5RS

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